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Kontakt 60 oxide dissolving contact cleaner

KONTAKT 60, an oxide dissolving contact cleaner, is highly recommended to regenerate corroded, heavily used and soiled contacts. Low contact resistance is restored, thus guaranteeing low voltage drop at even lowest contact pressures.

- Dissolves oxides on contacts, ready to be rinsed away with KONTAKT WL. Finally, KONTAKT 61 protects and lubricates the clean contact.
- Metals, graphite, carbon-based materials, thermoplastics, thermoset resins, insulators and other materials are not affected.
- A dielectric substance, which does not facilitate leakage currents.

- Ensures clean results in AF, RF and UHF technology and wherever electrical contacts need to be cleaned.
- Removes oxides from all kinds of metal contacts in radio and television service, electronics, automotive:
- Switches
- Plug and socket connectors
- Sockets of integrated circuits
- Lamp sockets
- Fuse holders
- Slide contacts of adjustable disk capacitors

Content: 200 ml
Type number: A-60-2

Content: 400 ml
Type number: A-60-4

Material Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet